Blade Specs-
·      Blade material - 2mm thick polycarbonate
·      Blade Tip - Clear slightly frosted pitted tip glued in place
·      Blade Length - 32 Inches long
·      Blade Base - Clear base cap glued in place
·      Blade Width - 24mm outer diameter 
·      Removable Blade - Untighten locking nut in rear of handle (Don’t         over tighten).

· No Clash On Clash Effects. unless specified

All ForceSabers are bespoke custom handmade to order. As this Saber is handmade there are unavoidably slight cosmetic scratches or imperfections on the handle or blade. Due to the construction of the internal blade housing there will be heavy scratch in this area but it will have no effect on the blade or use of the saber. The raw materials may also come with imperfections or marks. All switches are glued in place, the switch will not come lose but there can be residual glue around the switch. When being used these imperfections / points will have no effect or impact on the use of the item. 

Every saber uses a pre-coloured bespoke high powered LED which gives the blade the required colour. For best results use in low light (dusk) conditions. Direct sunlight or bright day light will inhibit visibility of the saber. 

All Blades have a 2mm wall so we recommend light sparing or light duelling. We advise against extreme combat or duelling.

If the individual listing states (No SFX) this mean the model on this listing has no sound effects installed. For models with sound effects it must state "+ SFX" in the title.

Do not leave blade exposed to direct sunlight for prolonged periods of time as this will alter the translucent glue in the blade tip.

When replacing blade DO NOT overtighten the “Micro Screw”. If over tightened, this could lead to damage of the thread. (This is not covered under the returns policy)

Please Note:- 
When purchasing one of our products you are confirming  you have read and agreed to all the information provided.

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