Xenopixel V2 Soundboard Firmware

The Xenopixel v2 board is in constant development and periodically will be updated with firmware updates which amend or fix the functionality of the board.

These updates have included elements such as:

  • Adding gesture support to the board (twist/stab ignition & retractions)

  • Adding support for CrossGuard sabers such as Kylo Ren to allow delayed timings

  • Stability fixes

Link to firmware access coming soon

XenoPixel V2 instruction manual PDF: Here 


To install the firmware update onto your saber you have to add the files into your SD card.

Please note, should you encounter any issues with an updated firmware you can reinstall a previous version of the firmware following the same steps just with an older file.

These are the general steps to apply a firmware update:

  1. Remove the endcap from the base of the speaker.

  2. Gently pull out the battery case and speaker section until you can see the power and speaker connection. Then unplug the power cable.

  3. Break the security void sticker over the the SD card and then gently pull the sd card from the Micro Sd card port.

  4. Insert the MicroSD card into a USB card reader. The content of the card should appear on your computer as a new drive We strongly recommend copying the entire contents of the SD card into a safe place on your computer for backup purposes.

  5. Download the latest update.bin file from this site (link above)

  6. In Windows Explorer / Mac Finder open the "set" folder on the MicroSD card

  7. Drag the "update.bin" file into this folder

  8. Safely eject (dismount) the drive from Windows/Mac

  9. Reinsert the card back into the slot on the board 

  10. Reinsert the battery back into the chassis - the board should immediately detect and begin the update process and notify you once completed.

Thank you to "The SCiFI Review" for all the great video reviews, and thanks to all the fan video's and photo's

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