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All ForceSabers come with a standard 12 month warranty, all warranties start from when the buyer receives their order.


The following will be covered under the ForceSaber Warranty:-


  1. Any fault in the battery case due to manufacture error.

  2. Any fault in the LED / Poo Pins due to electrical or manufacture error.

  3. Any electrical fault which could be due to lose wiring in relation to battery case, switch or LED. This excludes wiring to soundcards and speakers.​ (excluding this issue in the event of use in extreme duelling / combat)



The following will not be covered under the ForceSaber Warranty, including an event the product has been used in combat situations:-


  1. Any damage to blades such as cracking, bending, dint's or discoloration due to prolonged exposure to strong UV light, also product being used in extreme combat or placed under extreme stresses

  2. Any tampering to wiring to cause an electrical fault.

  3. Any tampering to the electronics to result in an electrical fault.

  4. Any intentional damage caused to the hilt or blade to create a cause for a return.

  5. Any damage to speakers or soundcards. 

  6. Any damage caused by using a charger with an output higher than 5 Volts 1A. This includes the use of adaptive fast chargers. If the wrong charger has been used and the board’s electronics have been damaged, this is a chargeable repair. Full returns or options of full refunds will not apply in this scenario. (Cost will vary depending model and setup).

  7. Any issues, problems our faults caused by accessing the Micro SD Card.



All ForceSabers are continually quality checked from the start of construction up until completion. Once the ForceSaber has been completed every Forcesaber is tested on the following:-


  1. The blade is tested to ensure there are no faults.

  2. The blade locking nut is tested to ensure the thread has no failures or possible issues through continued use.

  3. The battery, switch and LED / pogo pins are tested to ensure everything functions as it should with no failures or possible issues.



Once this testing process has been completed every product is fully cleaned by wiping down the saber with white spirits, carefully wrapped in bubble wrap and placed inside the postal tube. The product will be collected by the courier.



Hilt guarantee warranty detailed:

Anylisting that falls under this guarantee must have the "hilt guarantee" logo as part of the scrolling photo's. It does not apply to the "Crystal Reveal" range.

The “Hilt Guarantee” will cover the physical body of the lightsaber hilt only. It does not cover the electronics and any additional aspect of the lightsaber.

The guarantee is in place to cover the hilt body for normal wear or tear and not in situations where the lightsaber has been used in extreme or aggressive situations such as heavy duty or extreme combat / duelling.




REPAIR / FIXES cost information


In the event any saber suffers from damage due to one of the following instances the following repair costs will apply -


  1. Damage to the soundboard due to incorrect charger being used

  2. Damage to the speaker

  3. Damage to pogo pins

  4. Damage to the RGB LED

  5. Damage to the blade retention screw

  6. Damage to wiring from chassis being pulled to aggressively

  7. Damage cause from accessing SD Card

  8. Damage to lightsaber blade

Below are the following cost of repair for each section (excluding return postage costs)-

  1. Replacement of soundboard, switches & battery - £120

  2. Replacement speaker  - £40

  3. Removal of old pins and replacement with new pogo pins - £50

  4. Removal of old RGB Led an replacement with new Led - £20

  5. Removal of all electronics to fix damaged wiring - £60

  6. Replacement blade - £85

  7. Re-threading of blade retention screw - £10

Please note the above costs exclude any return shipping costs or import charges or taxes occurred as part of the fix to a saber.

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