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When placing an order you agree to abide by the terms of service as part of the legal contract detailed below: -

You confirm you have read and agreed to all terms and conditions prior placing an order.

You have read all the product information provided prior placing any order. If you are unsure on any aspects before placing an order we provide an “Contact Us” email option, operating Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm (excluding national holidays and periods we might be closed). This is used to provide any consumer support needed to clarify any points of concern prior placing an order.

Once your order has been placed you agree to following conditions of sale.

You are fully aware that all our products are 100% custom handmade to order and tailored to you own specific requirements and therefore 100% bespoke. As part of this aspect you are aware all models are dispatched on or around the time frame advised at checkout. 

(On the rare occasion there can be a 2 – 4 week delay due to supply of materials or volume of orders. Also periods when the business is closed will impact the dispatch timeframe). 

When a return is accepted by ForceSabers which is not related to a technical fault three or more days after an order has been placed, you acknowledge you could not be entitled to a full refund (see Returns & Refunds for more information).

If a charger has been used with a rating greater than 5V 1A / 1000mAh this will cause irreversible damage to the electronics. We will not accept a return for this scenario, but we will provide a service to fix the damaged electronics. The cost of this service will vary depending on model and electronic setup which the customer will be liable to pay for. (Please see “Warranty” – “Repairs and Fixes” for a guide on repair costs)

You fully accept there will be no return or refund on any sale under the following headings or variations of: -

-I just don't like it.
-I'm not happy with the finish of the product.
-I thought the handle or blade was a different colour. Or the colour doesn’t matchup to what I saw in the photo’s.
-There are scratches on the handle or blade.
-Item isn't as described.

-My XenoPixel saber isn't working (if the SD Card has been accessed).

-Changed my mind after seeing negative reviews.

As our products are 100% bespoke and tailored to your specific requirements / request you acknowledge that the "Sale of Goods Act", "Distance Selling Regulations" and "Consumer Rights" do not apply to your purchase. As our products are 100% bespoke and handmade to order these fall outside of normal consumer legislation mentioned above.

Chargebacks: -
Fraudulent chargebacks will be disputed and may result in criminal charges for theft and/or felony postal fraud. This could also result in small claims court and reporting to 999 for theft of property. Filing a chargeback is not an acceptable method of requesting a refund or cancellation. We ship all of our orders with signature confirmation to prevent theft.

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