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Any dispatch times provided on our products are intended for guidance only and not an exact time scale. All delivery time frames are an approximation only and we would advise to allow plus or minus 2 to 4 weeks from the original time frame. This can be down to the number of orders placed and access to materials or any delay in materials.


Dispatch times do not include national holidays and occasions when the office might be closed so please include these periods when placing orders.

Once an order has been completed it will then be booked in for collection on the next working day. Due to how different systems operate we will update any order with a tracking number once it has been booked in for collection. The order will then be collected on the next working day. Please note on very rare occasions and situations beyond our control delays can occur with the collection process.


Once a product has been dispatched and collected by the courier. ForceSabers at that point cannot be held responsible for the condition / state the packaging might be in upon delivery. If a courier attempts a delivery and the packaging is in a poor state / or in a state where the recipient feels the product could be damaged. Under no circumstances should the recipient accept the delivery and request it be sent back to the sender.

Please note: - If any buyer accepts any delivery they are accepting and confirming the delivery has no issues or grounds to show an issue with the product up until that point and everything is in good order.


We would kindly ask the buyer to contact to update us to any issue they are aware of in regards to declining the attempted delivery of damaged goods.


Once an order has been dispatched and is in the hands of the courier, if an amendment needs to be made to the delivery address or alternative arrangements made this must be agreed between the courier and the recipient as the recipient then takes full responsibility if an order is lost or stolen. (e.g. if the recipient requests the courier to leave it in a pre-arranged location without it being signed for and the item is then lost or stolen the recipient cannot pursue ForceSabers for compensation as Forcesaber will not be held liable for situations such as these).


Once an order has been completed and if the product cannot be dispatched or delivered due to issues with an address there will be no form of refund from ForceSabers. If the order cannot be delivered due to issue with the address provided at purchase and the item is returned to ForceSabers the buyer will have to pay the full postage costs for the item to be reissued back to them, an admin fee of £10 will also be added to this cost. We must stress the responsibility for the delivery address is the full responsibility of the buyer, if the information provided is incorrect ForceSabers will not be held responsible.



All lightsaber orders will be sent with Royal Mail next working day before 1pm with full cover to a value of £750.

Any orders for accessories in the UK will be sent with a standard Royal Mail service.


Please note all couriers do advise there can be delays in delivery times due to situations or errors that can happen. If in the event your order has been dispatched and then suffers delays ForceSabers cannot be held responsible for a situation outside of our control. We will make every effort to try and assist / rectify the situation but this does not automatically qualify someone to compensation / part refund.

For any compensation in these eventualities the recipient will need to take this up with the courier. Once dispatched any fee paid for shipping cannot be refunded.




If an order has been placed for delivery outside of the UK, ForceSabers will only charge the buyer for the postage costs and packaging costs to ship the product to the buyer, this will be on top of the product sale amount.


If at any point the buyer is presented with any type of Import Fee, Import Tax including or any type of VAT or duties, ForceSabers will not be held responsible for any payment of any amount in this regard.


​​Any purchase made by a buyer outside of the UK are fully accepting that once the payment has been made it is then their responsibility to take full ownership and pay any and all variations or additional costs or any Import Fee for their product once it has left the UK.



All orders outside the UK will be sent with Parcel Force or Pack and Send as the designated courier where applicable. ​


This service will be a tracked service resulting in a signed for delivery.


The postage charge for the courier will cover the following:-


  1. Cost of packaging

  2. Full cover for the value of the sale excluding postage.

  3. Full courier service from collection to signed for delivery.





If in the process of delivering a completed order the parcel is lost, stolen or damaged while in the ownership of the courier ForceSabers will have to start a claim with the relevant courier.


ForceSabers are unable to provide the following while a claim is in process:-

  • We will not be able to provide any type of financial compensation until the courier has completed their claims process.

  • We will not be able to provide any replacement product until the courier has completed their claims process.

Any claim with Pack and send are subject to the following:-

A policy excess of £100 - This excess will be deducted from the total amount paid out on any claim.

Any claim must be reported to the courier within 10 days of the attempted / delivery of a order.

Once the courier has completed their claims process and if the courier finds they have been at fault and agreed to refund the cover of the shipping and value of the parcel ForceSabers will then be able to offer a replacement model or a refund to the maximum amount refunded by the courier (If the parcel was sent with Pack & Send a £100 excess will be taken of any total).



Postal address:-
When placing an order for delivery the buyer will provide a contact phone number and email address which will be provided to the courier.


Every address provided for delivery must be 100% accurate for an international delivery.




Once the courier has delivered the product and it has been signed for or proof of delivery is provided the contract for any existing order is at this point completed.


Please note once an order has been booked in with a courier and collected at this point there is no refund available for any paid postage by the customer.

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