SFX Info

What should you expect from SFX models?

When you purchase any model with sound you will receive as standard:-

1 x Hilt

1 x 32" blade

1 x USB recharging cable.


Every model with sound comes ready to use out of the packaging (UK Sales Only).

When you charge these sabers please only use a 5 Volt A1 USB charger or charging port, anything greater could cause serious issues with the Li-ion battery or recharging board. Allow no more than a 8 hour charge per time.  



Do not use any charger with an output higher than 5V 1A and a maximum charging current of 1000 mA 

No Sound Option

LED – Pre-Coloured bespoke high powered LED equivalent to 7-8W. 

· Activation Button – Resting independent self latching switch.

· Power – These sabers run on 4 x AAA

batteries in the base of the handle.

· Battery Life – Approximately 4 hours of use.

Sabercore Sound Option, Single LED Setup

Each font is fully configurable light, sound, and motion sensitivity settings. ​

Choose from two different sound fonts.  

Crimson or Viridian.  

Button controlled Voice prompted menu for font selection and settings.  

1. Boot up & menu settings

2. Choose from 1 of 8 Clash sensitivity settings

3. ​Choose from 1 of 8 swing sensitivity settings

4. Power on / Ignition 5. Power off / Retraction

6. Hum  

This option runs a single colour LED so there is no flash on clash option / setting.

Viridian also has Blaster Deflect effect when pressing the button  

Crimson also has Blade Lockup effect when pressing the button  

Each ForceSaber has a 2 watt speaker fitted inside the hilt. It is held in place by a metal cable. Under no circumstances should you attempt to cut this off! 

Due to the power requirements these models run on a rechargeable 18650 Li-ion Battery.

This soundboard does not have a deep sleep function, if it isn't going to be used for prolonged periods of time (weeks to months) we strongly recommended removing the battery. We advise this for two reasons, 1 - it will stop the battery leaking and causing irreversible damage to the electronics. 2 - once the battery is totally drained of power the recharge function maybe longer work. If either of these two happen it might not be covered.

Dark / Light Pico Crumble Sound Option With Full RGB LED Setup.

  · LED – Pre-coloured Red, Royal Blue & Green. Tri-Cree XP-E 

· Activation Button – Independent momentary switch.

· Power – Runs on 1 x 18650 Button Top Li-ion rechargeable battery in base of hilt.  (USB Charger cable supplied)

· Speaker - 2 watt, 4 ohms speaker.

​· Integrated recharging,  USB 1.0 / 2.0  to 5.5mm female port.

· Battery Life – Approximately 4 hours of use.

- One preset font. Simplification went with this option to allows a zero setup but more importantly no mobile parts so that the saber blades can be really smacked with no consequences.

- 2 font flavors, Dark or Light (only 1 sound per board)
- The fonts are reduced / simplified too : boot, power on, power off, hum, soft swing, hard swing, soft clash, hard clash
- Differentiation between soft and hard motions are actually based on the motion hardness to keep the experience as natural as possible despite of the reduced sound plurality.


Every option has the below features-

- Flash on Clash™
- 15 fixed color profiles
- Single switch
- Mute-On-The-Go to help with teaching or when you can't help yourself, turning your glorified illuminated stick on in the middle of the night.
- enhanced deep sleep with 11nA consumption, that's 27356 years of shelf time.