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In the event of a return, ForceSabers withholds the right to complete the following if needed.


  • We may ask for photographic proof before accepting a return.

  • Use any resources available to investigate the cause for a return (this may include social media).

  • If the return is fraudulent it will therefore be invalid if the facts have been amended to benefit the buyer and the buyer has specifically misled ForceSabers on the grounds of the return, this can void any return under the policy.


We will not accept a return based on: -

  • There are scratches on the handle or blade.

  • I just don't like it.

  • I'm not happy with the finish of the product.

  • I thought the handle or blade was a different colour. Or the colour doesn’t matchup to what I saw in the photos.

  • There are scratches on the handle or blade.

  • Item isn't as described.

  • My XenoPixel saber isn't working (if the SD Card has been accessed).

  • Changed my mind after seeing negative reviews.



We will not accept returns based on the above points as we provide clear photos of real products in each listing along with a "Product Info”  link at the bottom of the page which covers all aspects of our products. 


We will investigate all cases individually, but a return based on the above might not be accepted. ForceSabers cannot be held responsible if a buyer has not read and fully understood the information provided or made assumptions about a product without reading the information.

All products returned must be returned in the exact same condition as received. If they are not returned in the same condition this can either void the return or result in a reduction in the possible refund.

When a product is being returned to ForceSabers, it is the responsibility of the sender / customer to ensure there is a tracking number in place. The sender must also ensure that the return shipping has extended cover or enough cover to cover the product in the event it is lost, stolen or damaged. ForceSabers cannot be held responsible for any loss or theft of a return.


If in the unlikely event ForceSabers never receives the returned item and it has been confirmed as lost by the sender’s courier, the sender will have to make a full claim with the courier for the lost product. ForceSabers will not be held liable for any event such as this.

If returned and the item has suffered extreme damage (no longer resalable) ForceSabers cannot accept this return and the buyer will have to pay for the product to be posted back as no refund will be provided in this situation.


If ForceSabers are at fault in the product and the product has to be returned the following processes are in place:-

Proof of postage will need to be provided by the buyer and email ( showing the date and tracking reference.


If the buyer is based outside of the UK, ForceSabers will not be responsible for customs charges or import tax and this must be paid by the buyer on all occasions.


Once we have received and signed for the return of the product we will provide one of the following choices:-


  1. Try to fix the fault on the product. 

  2. If we are unable to fix the fault we have the option to replace the product with the same model.

  3. Alternatively allow shop credit to the amount paid in the original purchase towards another product. If the replacement product is off greater value then the difference will have to be met by the buyer.

  4. If damage has been caused due to incorrect charger being used we can offer to fix this but there will be a cost for parts and labour applied for this service.

  5. The XenoPixel board is no longer working (if this has been accessed the board once they got it)


If a return is needed due to an item being damage through general use / wear and tear or the wrong charger was used on a model and the electronics have been damage as a result, we are always willing to provide any assistance needed. However in these situations the customer will be fully liable to pay for the cost of fixing the damage. The cost will cover return postage, Parts and labour. This cost will vary depending on model.

If Forcesabers agree to the return of an item that has been ordered from outside of the UK which could incur import tax ForceSabers will not be liable to pay this Tax. If any tax occurs the amount will be deducted from any refund amount and the refund processed once any import tax has been paid which can take up to 24 working days.


 XenoPixel Returns Policy

All NeoPixel sabers come with "SD Card Access" as standard. Every saber is fully tested to ensure everything is in working order prior it being dispatched.


As things change on a regular basis with XenoPixel products ForceSabers cannot be held resposiable if a customer access the SD Card and then finds the saber is no longer working. If this event does happen this does not give grounds for a return or any refund part of full.

It is very important that anyone intending on accessing the SD Card to change / update the card make a full copy of everything on the SD Card first and save this to their computer. So if something goes wrong they can reinstall the original setting and specs. ForceSabers cannot be held responsible for the customers actions.


Please note any other form of return outside of the above will default to the cancellation policy.



ForceSabers UK allows every buyer to cancel their order with no penalty up to two days after payment has been made. 


When processing the refund ForceSabers will issue the refund in the same method that the original purchase was made. If the payment was completed by card transaction, the refund can take up to 14 working days for our card provider to complete this process. It can then take an additional 7 – 14 working days for the funds to be processed by the customer’s bank and for it to then appear again in the customers bank balance. There is no way we can speed either process up.


If a buyer wishes to cancel or amended their order after within 3 days of placing the order it will be the right of ForceSabers to decide whether or not to allow this.

Please Note- If ForceSabers do allow the buyer to cancel or amend their order after the original three day period there maybe be additional charges applied to the amendment or the cancellation which could result in a refund lower than the original amount paid by the buyer. 


Any cancellation made buy the buyer or ForceSabers after the three days could have the following applied: -

  • £20 Admin fee.

  • Up to 60% deducted from the total paid to cover parts and labour costs to that point.

  • Any payment made for Fast Track is none refundable.

  • Postage costs are non-refundable as any payments go directly to the courier and cannot be retrieved once an order has been delivered.

As all ForceSabers products are custom handmade to order and 100% bespoke, our products operate as a commission purchase and therefore do not fall under normal purchasing legislation. This includes legislation such as: - “Sale of Goods Act", "Distance Selling Regulations" and "consumer rights". 

Bespoke products as confirmed by "Citizens advice”, “consumer rights" and Gov webpages do not cover bespoke products and as such bespoke product have no returns or refunds cover unless there are technical issues with the product.


If a buyer would like to cancel or amend an order please emailing us at


Please Note all our product fall under this section:-


Section 28(1) (b) of the CCRs (Consumer Contracts Regulations) excludes ‘the supply of goods that are made to the consumer’s specification or are clearly personalised’ from the right to cancel. This introduces confusion for consumers and advisers, as it means that some traders may supply both goods that are excluded from the CCRs right to cancel and goods where there is a right to cancel. It is important to note that this exemption, which refers to items being made to a consumer’s specifications, only applies to:-

● Goods, so a pure service contract or one with only an incidental supply of goods, such as nails or glue, e.g. installation, would not be exempt(1);

● The supply contract, so any later alterations of standard products, e.g. on site to ensure correct fitting, will not make the supply contract an exempt one

● Where the supplier/seller is a trader and the other party is a consumer (2);

● Contracts concluded at a distance or off-premises (3)

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