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Product Information

All our blades are 32 inches in length and sit approximately 2 inches inside the emitter section.

All these products use 16SWG aluminium with a 35mm OD and a 1.6mm wall for the main lightsaber core.


Crystal Reveal Range

Every removable chassis has been designed in house and created in a strong resin with hand finished paint work holding a blue light up crystal.


To remove the chassis just a slight clockwise twist is needed for it to slide out. To fit and lock the chassis again, just line up the chassis with the 4 internal pins so it slides in, then give a slight twist anticlockwise to lock.

With an easy to remove electronics cover and battery cover there’s no need for screw or locks.

To activate the saber from deepsleep just push and hold the button at the base to wake. As there are no interactive button on the hilt all additional functions can be controlled by gesture controls or via the mobile phone app.

To charge the saber simply remove the chassis and find the charging port on the side of the chassis near the base. With in-house custom sound fonts for multiple functions and aspects to this amazing one of a kind unique design.

General Lightsaber Range

We use a range of different materials depending on the design of the hilt. Some models will use a self-adhesive cloth wrap for grips. Some will have a strong Pvc wrap for detailing or grips. A number of models use a 1mm thick genuine leather which is held on with very strong tape and then hand stitched into place, whilst some use brass.

Whilst some models will use a strong resin. All models have a 3d printed resin chassis which is designed to freely slide in and out of the hilt.

The chassis is design to slide out with little resistance, so if you prefer the fit to be tighter, tape can be added around the speaker to achieve this goal. (But this is down to an individual’s preference)


All purchases of the “Hilt Only” option will get the hilt with base end cap fitted, one main button and charging port plug as shown in the photos. There will be no electronics fitted and you will be able to see inside the hilt through the emitter section

Blade Information

1" White Blade Specs:-​

· Blade rating- Polycarbonate blade, Standard combat and sparing capable.

- Blade wall thickness - 2mm wall

· Blade Tip - White bullet tip screwed in place. 

· Blade Base - Hot glue base. 

· Blade Length - 32 Inches long. 

· Blade Width - 25.4mm. 

1" NeoPixel Blade Specs:-​

· Blade rating- Polycarbonate blade, Heavy grade combat and sparing capable.

- Blade wall thickness - 3mm wall

- Led Setup - Each blade holds 288 RGB Led's.

· Blade Tip - White bullet tip locked in place. 

· Blade Base - Pogo Pin plate locke in place.

· Blade Length - 32 Inches long. 

· Blade Width - 25.4mm. 


General Product Information.​

All ForceSabers are 100% bespoke custom handmade to order. As this Saber is 100% handmade from scratch there are unavoidably slight cosmetic scratches or imperfections on the handle, rivets and blade. Due to the construction of the blade housing (emitter) there will be heavy scratch on the inside of this area but it will have no effect on the blade or use or look of the saber. The raw materials may also come with imperfections or marks. All switches are manually glued in place, the switch will not come lose but there can be residual glue around the switch edges. When being used these imperfections / points will have no effect or impact on the use of the item.


Prior any saber being dispatched the electronics are fully tested. The hilt is fully tested to ensure there are no shape areas and the retention screw works and holds the blade firmly in place. Once the saber has passed all testing processes it is then cleaned with white spirits and then wrapped and packed ready for dispatch.

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