NeoPixel Leather Maiden

NeoPixel Leather Maiden

What’s included in your order:-

1 x Fully functional 100% Handmade ready to go hilt.

1 x 36 Inch bullet tip Neopixel heavy duty dueling blade.

1 x USB Charging Cable.



Hilt Length -:- 11 Inches

Hilt Core Width -:- 32mm OD

Main Hilt Metal -:- Hardened T6063 Aluminium

Hilt Details -:- Leather grip cover with 4 x 12cm milled solid Aluminium ribs riveted in place

Hilt Detail Width -:- 50mm OD

Speaker Rating -:- 3Watt bass speaker

Soundboard -:- LGT V2 XenoPixel 20 Font, infinite color with smooth swing

Ignition Button -:- Resting momentary button or gesture controls

Recharge Port -:- USB to 5.5mm * 2.1mm 5V DC

Emitter Housing -:- 25.4mm Heavy Grade 3mm wall NeoPixel blade.

Battery -:- Plug & play 18650 3.7V, 2200mAh with PCB (UK Sales only)

Belt Clip Compatible -:- Yes

Saber Weight -:- 700 Grams

There is no access to soundboard


Battery not included in sales outside the UK due to Courier T&C's.