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What’s included in your order:-

1 x Fully functional ready to go hilt.

1 x Standard 24mm, 33 Inch bullet tip blade.

1 x Green LED (Padawan electronic setup)

This model has no sound installed.



Hilt Length -:- 9 Inches

Hilt Core Width -:- 32mm OD

Main Hilt Metal-:- Hardened T6063 Aluminium

Hilt Details -:- Brass detailing riveted in place

Hilt Detail Width -:- 35mm OD

Ignition Button -:- Resting momentary button

Emitter Housing -:- 24mm Standard blade setup.

Battery -:- 4 x AAA

Belt Clip Compatible-:- Yes

Saber Weight -:- 400 Grams


    info setup two.png
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