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The Vader V2
  • The Vader V2

    What’s included in your order:-

    1 x Fully functional ready to go hilt.

    1 x Standard 24mm, 33 Inch bullet tip blade.

    1 x USB Charging Cable.



    Hilt Length -:- 11 Inches

    Hilt Core Width -:- 32mm OD

    Main Hilt Metal -:- Hardened T6063 Aluminium

    Hilt Details -:- Cast plastic control box & T-Grips riveted in place

    Hilt Detail Width -:- 50mm OD

    Ignition Button -:- Resting momentary button

    Recharge Port -:- USB to 5.5mm * 2.1mm 5V DC

    Emitter Housing -:- 24mm Standard blade setup.

    Battery -:- Plug & play 18650 3.7V, 2200mAh with PCB (UK Sales only)

    Belt Clip Compatible -:- No

    Saber Weight -:- 600 Grams

    Led colour option not applicable to RGB setups.


    Battery not included in sales outside the UK due to Courier T&C's.




    Please note: -

    The black plastic detailing is hand poured and coloured. Due to this there will be imperfections in the finish and colours may vary between shades of grey and black. We will always attend to the imperfections and it will have no impact on the use of the saber. Please take this into account if you intend to display the hilt, we can’t accept a return if it is based on the above aspects.