Every saber is unique and totally bespoke to you as each saber is 100% handmade from scratch. As these are 100% handmade they are not comparable to CNC'd products as there can be cosmetic scratches and imperfections on the finished saber but this will have no impact on the use of the saber.

See "Product Info" for more.

Please take into consideration colours may vary due to screen variations 

Whats included in your order:-

1 x Hilt

1 x 33 Inch blade

1 x USB Charging Cable


Hilt Specifications:-


· Hilt Length - Main body approximately 13 Inches long.

· Hilt Core - 32mm wide Aluminium. 

· Hilt Detailing - 40mm wide Emitter, Control box & Pommel all hand lathed with cast Black plastic detailing and painted black sections. Finsihed with a contoured rubber grip for greater control.

· Hilt Core - 32mm wide Aluminium. 


· LED – Single pre-coloured Cree XP-E2. (on Sabercore setup)

· LED UPGRADE - Tri-Cree XP-E2 RGB LED (on Pico Crumble setup)

· Activation Button – Independent resting momentary switch.

· Speaker - 2 watt, 4 ohms speaker tucked away 2cm inside the hilt.

​· Integrated recharging,  USB to 5.5mm female port.

· Power – 1 x 18650 Button Top Li-ion rechargeable battery in base of hilt.  (USB Charger cable supplied) Battery not included on orders outside the UK due to courier T&C's. 




The Jedi Killer

Sound Setup Options
Default Blade Colour
Include UK USB Charging Plug
Blade Version

    Only use a USB wall charger with the following ratings - 5V 1A and a maximum charging current of 1000mA.

    Any wall charger with an output great than this will cause irreversible damage to the charging board.



    Always remove the battery if the saber isn’t going to be used for more than 2 weeks.

    Any longer than 2 weeks can cause the battery to drain to a level at which it can no longer accept a charge, it could also cause the battery to leak acid inside the battery case.


    If the wrong USB charger is used or the battery dies because it’s been left in for more than 2 weeks and can no longer accept a charge these will not be covered by ForceSabers.

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