Every saber is unique and totally bespoke to you as each saber is 100% handmade from scratch. As these are 100% handmade they are not comparable to CNC'd products as there can be cosmetic scratches and imperfections on the finished saber but this will have no impact on the use of the saber.

See "Product Info" for more.

Please take into consideration colours may vary due to screen variations 

With the option of £50, £100, £150 and £200 credit note you can now purchase any one or multipule Credit notes which can be used at any point wihtin 6 months.


When you get your credit note it will have a one of a kind code on the back. 


When you have selected the saber of your choice just enter the code into the "promo  code" option at check out to apply your Pre-paid credit. Only one promo code can be used at any one time so any sales codes will not work inline with these gift cards.



This is a one time only use code and will discount the lowest valued item in the cart only. 


When placing an order If the full credit hasn't been used the coupon will be updated with the remaining balance to be used within the ramining 6 month period. Again the remaning balance will only be valid for a one time use under the same code on the gift card and can not be exchanged for a cash refund.



Gift Card valued for £250. 

Saber total cost £190 = £60 updated Credit Note valid within the 6 months time frame to be spent on anything in our online store.

Once purchased this can not be refunded as a cash refund.

Gift Vouchers

Credit Value
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