Hilt Specifications:-


​· 32 inch blade included as standard.

· Hilt Length - Main body approximately 11 Inches long.

· Hilt Width - Main body 32mm wide Aluminium.

· Hilt Detailing - 35mm cast black plastic T-grips , hand lathed Aluminium control box and ears with black rubber grip emitter section all riveted in place.


· LED – Single pre-coloured Cree XP-E2. (on Sabercore setup)

· LED UPGRADE - Tri-Cree XP-E2 RGB LED (on Pico Crumble setup)

· Activation Button – Independent momentary switch.

· Speaker - 2 watt, 4 ohms speaker tucked away 2cm inside the hilt.

​· Integrated recharging,  USB to 5.5mm female port.

· Power – 1 x 18650 Button Top Li-ion rechargeable battery in base of hilt.  (USB Charger cable supplied) Battery not included on orders outside the UK due to courier T&C's. 


Light & Sound Options
Available SaberCore Blade Colour
Include UK USB Charging Plug
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    Please note any models with sound sold for delivery outside the UK will not have a 18650 Li-ion battery included due to the couriers T&C’s. 

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