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Blade Specs:-

· Blade rating- Polycarbonate blade, Standard combat and sparing capable. (Not rated for extreme combat) 

· Blade Tip - Liquid cast tip which is slightly frosted & pitted then glued in place with a hand sanded finish. 

· Blade Base - Clear base cap glued in place. 

· Blade Length - 32 Inches long. 

· Blade Width - 24mm. 

· Removable Blade - Untighten locking nut in rear of handle. 

· Removable Blade - Interchangeable with other ForceSaber blades. 

· No Clash On Clash Effects?

We have increased the length of the inner dimetions on the blade

to provide greater strength and minimize the chance the blade tip

can fly of when being used.


Only use a USB wall charger with the following ratings - 5V 1A and a maximum charging current of 1000mA.

Any wall charger with an output great than this will cause irreversible damage to the charging board.

Sabercore SFX Information

Please note when purchasing the sabercore soundboard option There is no Flash on Clash option / function


Also this soundboard does not have a deep sleep function, if it isn't going to be used for prolonged periods of time (weeks to months) we strongly recommended removing the battery. We advise this for two reasons, 1 - It will stop the battery leaking and causing irreversible damage to the electronics. 2 - Once the battery is totally drained of power the recharge function maybe longer work. If either of these two happen it will not be covered.

General Product Information.

All ForceSabers are 100% bespoke custom handmade to order. As this Saber is 100% handmade from scratch there are unavoidably slight cosmetic scratches or imperfections on the handle, rivets and blade. Due to the construction of the blade housing (emitter) there will be heavy scratch on the inside of this area but it will have no effect on the blade or use or look of the saber. The raw materials may also come with imperfections or marks. All switches are manually glued in place, the switch will not come lose but there can be residual glue around the switch edges. When being used these imperfections / points will have no effect or impact on the use of the item.


A number of models have additional detailing on the body of each hilt. These are all made from cast black plastic and used to create parts such as ribs or control boxes and hilt covers for models like the ESB, Trident & Reaper hilts. We also use self adhesive cloth wraps on hilts rather than leather so please note there can be very small threads of the cloth coming of on occasion.


Please note: - The black plastic detailing is hand mixed with coloured pigment and poured into a premade mould. because of this the shad of black / grey can vary to whats seen in the photo's provided.

Due to the nature of this material there will be imperfections on the finished cast plastic which can including seam lines from the mould. We will always reduce the impact of the imperfections by hand so it will have no impact on the use of the item in anyway but this will not have a premium finish. Please take this into consideration when ordering this hilt as we can’t accept a return due to this aspect.


Every ForceSaber uses a pre-coloured bespoke high powered LED. This LED powers the blade and gives the blade the required colour needed, these look amazing in low light (dusk) but in direct sunlight or bright day light it will not be 100% visible. We use a single powerful LED which has a high light output with very low power consumption.  

All ForceSabers without SFX operate with a standard battery setup. Standard setup is a setup that uses regular 4 x AAA batteries to power your ForceSaber. (4 x AAA batteries are not supplied). We advise to use Alkaline batteries for best results. 

ForceSabers that do have sound effects run on a 18650 Li-ion battery. When charging a saber with sound always use a USB wall charger with the following ratings - 5V 1A and a maximum charging current of 1000mA.

Any wall charger with an output great than this will cause irreversible damage to the charging board.


Prior any saber being dispatched the electronics are fully tested. Once the saber has passed the tests the battery case is placed inside the hilt and the black end cap is loosely put in place. When inserting the 4 x AAA's for the first time, remove the black end cap and gently pull the battery case so it is just outside the hilt. DO NOT Aggressively pull the battery case as this will rip the black wire off. Once the batteries have been fitted gently place the battery case inside the hilt and fully push the black end cap all the way into the hilt.

If the individual listing states + SFX this means the model on this listing has sound effects installed. For models without this they will not have sound installed. 

It is to be noted if a any saber (excluding Dark / light pico crumble setup's) is not going to be used for a number of weeks or months we always recommened removing the batteries as this can stop any chance of the battery leaking inside the case. 

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