Privacy Policy

When placing an order with ForceSabers UK we will have access to the customers Name, Address, Email Address, Phone number.

We collect this information in order for us to complete and dispatch orders only.

We will never share or provide any information provide to any third party as per policy.

All date will be retained for no less than 18 months. After this point the date may be removed and no longer accessible. 

All date is only accessible by Forcesabers UK and is protected by password functions.

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ForceSabers UK is not Lucas Films Ltd or Disney Ltd, Nor do we have any affiliation with Lucas Films Ltd or Disney Ltd. ForceSabers UK is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Lucas Film Ltd or Disney Ltd or any of it’s affiliated companies. All ForceSabers UK modifications are manufactured and or performed exclusively by ForceSabers UK and are not reviewed or endorsed by Lucas Films Ltd or Disney Ltd. All Brands, Trademarks, and character names listed are the exclusive property of their respective owners.

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