2nd  August 2020 - Standard models photo's

replaced all standard model photos with new version

10th  August 2020 - dispatch  times

Adjusted sfx to 12 weeks +/ - 2 weeks

18th  August 2020 - sfx info

Adjusted all relevant sfx models discription to advise "resting momentery switch"

21st  August 2020 - battery leaking

added to Li-Ion battery saftey section aspects of leaving battery inside sabercore setup and leaking fluide.

3rd September 2020 - plastic detailing

added to models with cast plastic:-

​Please note: - The black plastic detailing is hand poured into a premade mould. Due to the nature of this material there will be imperfections on the finished cast plastic which can including seam lines from the mould. We will always reduce the impact of the imperfections by hand so it will have no impact on the use of the item in anyway. Please take this into consideration if you intend to display the hilt as we can’t accept a return due to this aspect.

7th September 2020 - SFX Photo's

amended the speaker protection photo on all sfx models to new version with out protection on endcap.

updated all sfx listings to new style photo's. Excluding:- rebel, vakarie range, reys saber, starkiller & rawhide

re-listed trident v1 & v2 as now show new pics and updated text regarding plasti casting

Order #: 10161 for trident v2 placed after this updte.

11th  September 2020 - updated Starkiller 

updated starkiller photo's to new black background and also added text to listing saying;- All created to give a look of imperfection and through the rough finish

14th  September 2020 - Added Kings saber & phoenix to webpage 

15th  September 2020 - Standard blade colours 

Updated all standard models and removed the Royal Blue option

22nd  September 2020 - Website main page 

Changed look and layout of main page for catagories from 1 square to round ovels

29th  September 2020 - Blade colour graphics & stunt blade colour blue

changed blade colour graphic on website as sabertec contacted us about it.

Also amended all stunt sabers colour blue to royal blue so more accurate.

22nd  September 2020 - Website main page 

Changed look and layout of main page for catagories from  round ovels to spinning squares with direct link

13th October 2020 - Product listing info

Added to every model the following info at the top of description:-

Whats included in your order:-

1 x Hilt

1 x 32 Inch blade

1 x USB Charging Cable

14th october 2020 - x-mas delivery

add product and lightbox (popups) for x-mas deliverys and que jump

15th october 2020 - Lost or stolen delivery

add section to the warranty postage section about lost or stolen items. on the process.

20th october 2020 - Started Google ADD

Started X-mas google Add at £10 a day

28th october 2020 - Amened header title & removed ripper blades

Ammedned header title to include the word "lightweight"

removed all click options for ripper blades.

28th october 2020 - 24hr shipping refund cost

in postal section amended parcelforce to included no refundable shipping onces posted.

31th october 2020 - Main Page update

Totall changed the full front page to the now amazing new look

4th November 2020 - not covered battery

updated warranty to say if leave battery in until it is totally dead but the saber recharge boards still works this isn't covered and they will need to buy a new battery.

13th November 2020 - vader v2 + home screen

changed graphics on all site to new vader v2 without black and red wire on the side

changed the top sliding box to real sliding box

26th November 2020 - Accessories postage

updated accessories to included postage costs and add info to each one stating this.

3rd December 2020 - Demo Video 7 Gunner & Rawhide

Add new demo video to sfx listing with setup guide included.

Add "the gunner" to listings.

Updated SFX Rawhide photo's

16th December 2020 - Check out lightbox

add lightbox at check out re-confirmaing dispatch timesframes

21st December 2020 - T&cs AND plastic info detail

Complety redon all terms and conditions and placed everything at the bottom header

Also refined all aspect refering to black plastic as black / grey shards (colours may vary)

29th December 2020 - Battery charging andstorage

updated all sections and sfx models with battery charging info.

also add charging info to the customer confirmation order email.

4th Feb 2021 - Userguide & order confirmation txt

sabers now go out with new userguide

changed order confirmation email to say dispatch times and no order updates.

16th March 2021 - Buyer confirmation / reminder

Orders now get a 5 week email advising things are going well

Orders now get a 9 week email advising not long now

16th March 2021 - dispatch time in top right corner

All products now show the dispatch time in the top right hand corner when looking over models to buy

22nd March 2021 - NEW BLADES

All products now have the option of normal or frosted blade with bullet tip

Launched new bullet tip blades with frosted option

3rd April 2021 - ESB Pics

Changed esb pics to new version with activation box on opposit side as before.

6th April 2021 - dispatch time accessories

add dispatch time frame to every accessory on main page

21st April 2021 - dispatch time & 33" blade

updated 22" blade to say Replacement  FS vlade and size dimensions to approximate size

created dispatch time frames page and link to bottom of page links and checkout and thank you screen 

30th April 2021 - SFX dispatch times

Changed all information to 13 weeks dispatch time frame

06/07/21- SFX models
Upgraded all models with new version listing and white blade and darwolf soundboard options

06/07/21- SFX upgrades in place
Darwilf and rgb options all now live