In October 2014 we started to design and build items like Loki Staff, Wolverine Claws and a selection of other products.

In April 2015 we made our first ForceSaber. We continued with our business plan up until April 2016 when we made the choice to stop making multiple products and make just the one product.

With this in mind we decided to just make our ForceSabers and from this point on we have spent hundreds of hours working and perfecting our trade so now we can provide high quality 100% handmade ForceSabers.

We have upgraded every single aspect of the blade, lighting and hilts so they are the lightest, strongest and most beautiful ForceSabers you can find anywhere.

We have our own range of ForceSabers which can’t be found anywhere else in the galaxy.

We haven’t just stopped with what we have and we constantly strive to improve and upgrade every aspect of our range, so every single one of our customers can get the very best product at a much lower cost than other Saber Smiths.

Our Journey