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To anyone wanting to purchase a NeoPixel lightsaber. Every lightsaber is sent out on version 1.0 as this is how the manufacturers ship the XenoPixel sound boards to us. As a company we only deal in the physical hardware of the NeoPixel lightsaber and therefore have no experience or knowledge on any process to update the sound fonts on the saber past the original installation of the electronics. Anyone who purchases a NeoPixel lightsaber is welcome to use the FAQ video which will provide you with all the information I have on the operation of XenoPixel Soundboards. Any customer who experience issues or faults after accessing the SD Card on the software on the NeoPixel lightsaber after it has been dispatched sadly ForceSabers are unable to provide any form of support as this is outside of my skill base, and any issue caused by accessing the SD Card is not covered under warranty. I would recommend anyone who is wanting to add their own sound fonts to fully look into this aspect first and be 100% confident in what they are doing prior accessing the SD Card. It is also strongly recommended that prior doing any changes to the setup on the SD Card a full copy of the SD Card is made and saved to a computer so if there are any problems the original setup can be setup.

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