How can I pay by card?

ForceSabers UK are not associated with LUCASFILM LTD. or any LFL Ltd. Film or Lightsaber Franchise.


Can I pay by card not Paypal?

In Paypal you can use the "guest" option, this will allow you to  pay through Paypal and not if you wish not save your card details or create a Paypal account.

How do you remove the blade?

How long is delivery?

What colour blades are there?

To replace the batteries, remove the black cap at the base of the handle.

Gently pull the battery case out and insert the new battery or batteries.

Are these offical?

Please see individual listing, Products with sound will display + SFX in the product title.

How do you replace the batteries?

Do the sabers have sound?

Currently we only allow purchases through Paypal.

You do not have save your card details to use Paypal.

At the back of the handle near there is a small screw which locks the blade in place.

A 2.5mm Allen key will losen and tighten this screw to allow the blade to be inserted of removed.

Please do not over tighten this screw as it could cause damage to the thread and this isn't covered under the warranty.

Once payment has been completed, we hand build the order.

We advise to check the listing as this will display the dispatch time in working days (Mon - Fri)

We do always try to have orders out sooner if possible.

Every blade is plain silver in colour and the colouring is provided by a LED inside the hilt.

We have red, green, blue, white, yellow, purple, white and Cyan

The red is a very strong blood red colour, Blue and green are very powerful as well, Purple & yellow are good in low light but not as bright as red, blue or green.