Do you have an update on the status of my order?

We fully appreciate how excited you are to get your new saber just as we would be if we where waiting for one.

It is important to know that each week we create between 20 - 50 Forcesabers, each Forcesaber is created in line to when it was placed along with hundreds of other order placed at the same time. 


Because of this sadly we are unable to provide individual updates on the progress of one individual build / order.


The only answer we can provide to this question is to kindly check your order confirmation for your order date, and under the "Order Summary" it will provide a guide to the number of weeks you can expect your order to be dispatched in. We do not include weekends, national holidays or periods when we are closed in this dispatch time frame, so please take this into account for your dispatch date.


Please note this time frame is only a guide as every model is 100% handmade from scratch to order, on rare occasions it could take a little longer (maybe 1 week more) to be completed or it could also be completed sooner than advised.


We would like to thank you for your patience and understanding on this as it is appreciated.




My Saber isn't charging?

If you find that you placed your saber on charge for 8 hours and it won’t turn on please follow these steps:-

  1. At the base of the hilt you will see a black round hollow end cap.

  2. Gently prize this off with a small screw driver.

  3. Once the end cap has been removed very gently pull out the battery case until you can just see inside the hilt.

  4. Plug the saber into charge for a just few seconds and you should hear a boot up voice along with lights inside the hilt. (Then unplug straightaway).

  5. If you heard the boot up voice and see lights inside the hilt the charging board is still working correctly. Replace the battery and you should now see a red light inside the hilt. If you do not hear the boot up voice the saber is now charging. You can leave the saber in this state and after a few hours come back to the saber until you see a green or blue light inside the hilt. The change in light is confirmation the battery should now be charged. We would suggest giving the saber a quick test and turn it on which it should now do.

  6. Unplug the saber and gently push the battery case back inside and push the black end cap all the way back on and you should now be fine.

  7. Remember if you don't plan on using the saber for more than a week it is always best to remove the battery to stop any future issues arising. 

My Saber won't turn on and just clicks when charging?

If you are experiencing this issue which can happen if a saber hasn't been used for long periods of time or been handled aggressively while in transit please follow the below steps.


  1. If you can gently prize the black end cap off the base of the handle with a flat object.

  2. Gently pull the battery case too just outside of the handle (don't try to pull it to far out as this could damage the wiring inside)

  3. Remove the battery for 10 seconds.

  4. After 10 seconds push the battery back inside the case, positive end facing toward the handle or + symbol)

  5. Once the battery has been pushed back inside you should then hear a female voice.

  6. If you don't hear the female boot up voice repeat steps 4 & 5.

  7. You should now hear the female boot up sound.

  8. Gently push the battery case back inside the handle.

  9. Gently push the hollow black end cap fully on to the hilt.



Once you have done this you saber should be fine and have no future problems, however if the issue does happen again from lack of use repeat these steps.


It is to be noted if you intend on leaving the hilt as on display for long periods of time (Weeks, Months or longer) we would strongly recommend to remove the battery to stop any chance of the battery leaking inside the case.  




Does this come with a blade?

Every Forcesaber sold comes with a 32 inch blade pre-fitted as standard.

If I buy a saber with sound will I get a charger?

Every model sold come with a USB charging cable as standard. We also provide a good charge on the battery so you can use it as soon as you get the saber.

Do you have purple or other LED colours

Regrettably we only have the colours listed in the items blade section. We are hoping to have a low cost RGB LED option coming in 2020 / 2021.

Can you help with a repair or a personal build

Due to liability reasons we are unable to provide repairs or restorations on any item that has not been purchased from ForceSabers UK. Sadly we are unable to provide advice or guidance in these areas. 

Why can't I get the colour I want on my saber?

The blade graphics provide are only a guide to the range of colour's we currently have. Sadly we don't have the full range available on models with and without sound. When you check out the available colour's will be there to select. If the colour isn't there then it isn't available on the model. 

Do you do commission builds?

We are always happy to look into new bespoke builds yes. Please check out this link to how we cover this aspect:- Custom builds

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