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Custom Builds


Things to know​

We are always happy to look into bespoke builds someone has dreamed of seeing in real life so we will look into any request such as these.


What happens?​

Once you have provided a drawing of your design we will look and see if we are able to create this design. If we are able to create this we move to the next stage.

​​Extensive Internet Search​

Before anything can be agreed we will perform an extensive internet search to ensure the design isn't already being sold by another company or sabersmith. As this is an extensive search there is fee of £25 which is non-refundable. We do this as we take copyright very seriously and if we find another model being sold elsewhere that we view enough to be classed as similar then we will not be able to take the custom build on. It is important to note if we do find the design is already being sold we will not refund the £25 searching fee.


We can build your saber​

Now if we can't find your design being sold else where the £25 will be removed from the total cost of the build. We will provide a quote for the custom build and we will provide a dispatch time frame.

If everything is agreed by both parties the agreed build cost will have to be paid in full for works to start (excluding the £25 already paid).

​​Important to know​

We will always make the build as physically close as possible to the materials provided in the design but we must insist there can be up to 30% difference in finished product as it isn't always possible to match a sketch perfectly.


​​Also we reserve any and all rights to continue selling the saber as part of our range, As the customer accepting the terms and having the build take place confirms you are granting us the permission to continue selling your design. This is how we offset the R&D costs when creating a new build from scratch.

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