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Disaptch Time frames

Every single saber we make is handcrafted from scratch and we will always make every saber as close as possible to what we display. Please remember every single saber is 100% handmade from scratch to order so every saber will be slightly different. Because of this, there can be slight imperfections due to the nature of the build but we will never rush anyone's build as we take great pride in what we do.


As these are handmade products there can be various factors that can affect our dispatch times. This means that your order may take more (or less) time depending on a few factors: 

  • Availability of materials

  • Time of year (holidays, times we are closed.)

  • Volume of orders

  • Please allow 2 - 4 weeks give or take due to the above points.


Dispatch times do change depending on the time of year and volume of orders. Because of this, the dispatch timeframe is stated on the Cart checkout page prior to making payment for any order. Please take into account the times the office and workshop are closed due to holidays and national holidays.


Please note we will not any request to cancel an order if it has gone over the approximate dispatch date (Ie 10 weeks) and then goes into the advised 2 - 4 week time frame will default to the "Cancellations & refunds" policy

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