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About us

Good day and thank you for taking a few minutes to come to this page to learn about us.

We where registered in October 2014. When we started we made movie props of all types. We took the skills learned from making props and concentrated on making ForceSabers around 2017.

We are today as we were when we started a very small company proud of what we do.

We have learned many skills over the years and we are always learning and developing new skills every day. Every new skill we learn improves on our wide range of sabers and future sabers we are always developing.

We started making Forcesabers because we want everyone to be able to enjoy this genre without it costing them the world. As huge fans of the genre we love these sabers and so many other sabers made by so many amazing Sabersmiths all around the world. Sadly we found purchasing amazing sabers was too expensive, which is why when so many things in the world increase in price we absorb these inflations and have never really increased the price on our models since 2017. Sadly there will come a day where we might have to increase the price but we will always do everything we can to try and keep the price as low as possible.

We are a very honest company and very proud in what we create for you. If a customer has a problem we always insist they come to us and we will do everything we can to help. On the rare occasion the T&C's might apply but all we ask is for you to read the information we provide like the "product Info" etc.

As a company we have not changed or increased the cost of our sabers since 2017. Even though inflation has impacted all the parts we purchase and we now pay VAT and additional taxes, rather than increase the cost of our products we have absorbed all these aspects to keep giving a product and genre everyone can enjoy.

As we are a small company that has been running for a few years we greatly appreciate positive feedback as it really helps us grow. Can we please kindly ask if n the very rare occasion you have negative feedback, before your do anything please let us know and give us a chance to try and fix this for you, hopefully we can change this in to a positive experience and a positive review. Even though negative feedback can be hard to take when we put so much love into every model, if the feedback is something we can implement either in our processes or in our finished product this is always welcome as this can only help us better what we do for everyone.

We wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be able to create these sabers without you, without your positive reviews and your constructive feedback so thank you for reading this today and if you want to see what our previous customers think of our product there's over 100 five star reviews on our Etsy page and over 50 five star reviews on our new Trustpilot page.


Again thank you and MTFBWU 

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